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Permanently Replacing A Missing Tooth

Dental implants are the preferred option for modern-day tooth replacement. Modeled after anatomical teeth and crafted from biocompatible materials, your dental implant investment is designed to last the rest of your lifetime. They outperform other conventional treatments and most importantly, don’t require the support of your remaining teeth. For missing tooth replacement with dental implants in Raleigh, reach out to North Ridge Dental.

What Are Dental Implants?

An implant is essentially an artificial tooth root that we set into the bone next to your healthy teeth. It bonds with the supporting tissues to permanently fuse it into place. Implants are the most lifelike tooth replacement treatment available and can be used for single, multiple, or full-arch restoration.

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Single Tooth Replacement

The most common dental implant treatment is a single tooth replacement. In this case we install a standalone dental implant and then top it off with a custom ceramic crown. The end result blends in with your surrounding smile so that no one will ever know the difference.

Multiple Tooth Dental Implants

If you have several teeth that need to be replaced, a pair of implants can support a multi-tooth ceramic bridge. This solution eliminates the need to wear a partial denture. Your multi-tooth implant bridge is permanently fixed in place and unlike conventional bridges, doesn’t require reshaping the teeth on either side.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation

Do you need to replace all of your upper or lower teeth at once? An All-on-4 dental implant treatment or implant supported-dentures can streamline your experience by anchoring a hybrid appliance onto as few as four implants in total.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Longest lasting dental restoration

Non-invasive to your surrounding smile

Supports your facial profile and soft tissues

Helps prevent additional bone loss

Reinforces alignment of your adjacent teeth

Ability to replace any number of teeth

Extremely high success rate

A minimally-invasive procedure

Stronger than natural teeth

Dental Implant Cost

Every dental implant treatment is unique. From the number of implants required, any supplemental services required (such as bone grafting or sedation), and the type of restoration you choose, the cost from person to person can significantly vary. Our team will work with a local oral surgeon in the area to create your customized treatment plan. The oral surgeon will place your implants and Dr. Wright will place your final restoration, dental crown. Our insurance team will also help you maximize the coverage that you’re already entitled to, minimizing your out-of-pocket investment.

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