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Tooth Removal

Dental extractions are often one of the last options for stabilizing pain, infection, or addressing severe tooth damage. Sometimes extractions are needed before other therapies can be completed, such as full mouth restoration or smile makeovers. In the majority of cases, tooth extractions in Raleigh are a straightforward procedure that can comfortably be completed with or without sedation.

Should I Have My Tooth Extracted?

The most common reasons to have a tooth removed include:

Aggressive periodontal disease

Severe pain or infection

A dental emergency, such as an injury

Fractured teeth or tooth roots

Non-restorable tooth decay

Health risk to surrounding teeth

Making room for full mouth restorations such as dentures or implants

Ensuring Your Comfort

Local anesthetic thoroughly desensitizes the entire area around your extraction site. The only thing you will typically feel is a bit of pressure. We suggest incorporating nitrous oxide sedation for an optimal experience, but deeper conscious oral sedation may be available upon request.

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Raleigh Emergency Dental Extractions

If you’re in severe pain or suffered from a facial injury resulting in a severely broken tooth, an emergency extraction may be necessary. It’s crucial to contact our Raleigh dentist immediately to arrange care in a timely manner. At the least, we can walk you through what to do before you’re able to make it to our office.

Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Teeth extractions are just the first step in stabilizing your oral health. Any time a tooth is removed, it creates excess space in your bite. Consequently, surrounding teeth will begin to tilt or shift out of their current location. Even opposing teeth may start to drift up and out of the mouth in search of a biting partner.

To prevent these unwanted side-effects, it’s important to replace your extracted tooth in a timely manner. A tooth replacement such as a dental bridge or single dental implant will preserve healthy alignment as well as normal biting functions. We’re happy to review the options available so that you can have a game plan prior to your scheduled extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are some of the most common molars to be extracted. Due to their location and high risk for impaction or infection, proactive removal may be best for your smile’s health. Our dentist will assess your full-mouth X-ray to determine if wisdom tooth removal is the best option.

Can Your Tooth Be Saved?

Preserving your natural tooth is always our top priority. If an alternative therapy such as root canal treatment or periodontal therapy is an option, our Raleigh dentist may suggest retaining your tooth instead of pulling it. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each scenario so that you can make an educated decision about your smile’s health.

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Dental Implant Cost

Every dental implant treatment is unique. From the number of implants required, any supplemental services required (such as bone grafting or sedation), and the type of restoration you choose, the cost from person to person can significantly vary. Our team will work with a local oral surgeon in the area to create your customized treatment plan. The oral surgeon will place your implants and Dr. Wright will place your final restoration, dental crown. Our insurance team will also help you maximize the coverage that you’re already entitled to, minimizing your out-of-pocket investment.

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