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Complete or Partial Custom Dentures

full denture setToday’s dentures are made from high-quality, attractive materials that are both durable and cosmetically pleasing. Customized to the needs of our patients, dentures come in a variety of styles and fits. Whether you’re looking for a long-term smile treatment or need an interim option before investing in something like implants, our Raleigh dentures can make your new smile a reality.

Advantages Of Dentures

Dentures allow you to replace missing teeth in an efficient, affordable manner. By restoring the loss of depth and height caused by missing teeth, you can naturally fill out your facial profile to eliminate the “sunken in” or sullen look that so frequently accompanies tooth loss. Even if you’re working with a tighter budget, your denture design can be adjusted to specific concerns for the best outcome possible.

Dentures are easy to care for and functional for a variety of lifestyles. If you need a straightforward solution or have tighter time restrictions, dentures can be an excellent option to consider.

Types Of Dentures

Traditional Full Dentures — A full denture (“plate”) replaces all of the teeth on your upper or lower arch at once. The custom design is made to comfortably seal against your soft tissues to keep it secure throughout the day. Thanks to the curated process, you can adjust the color, shape, and size of teeth on your denture for optimal aesthetic appeal.

Partial Dentures — A partial denture maximizes the benefits of tooth retention with an efficient tooth replacement treatment. Instead of replacing all of your teeth at once, partials wrap around your healthy teeth and only replace the ones that are already missing.

Implant Supported Dentures — Implant supported dentures (overdentures) are a hybrid alternative to traditional denture therapy. They combine the advantages of dentures with dental implants for added stability and convenience. Since dental implants are most often the best tooth replacement option, we see a very high patient satisfaction rate with implant-supported dentures.

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Caring For Your Removable Prosthesis

Dentures and partials should be removed nightly to prevent infection or unnecessary bone loss. Soak your appliance in a combination of lukewarm tap water and an effervescent denture cleanser to loosen buildup. Allow it to soak overnight and brush it clean the next morning. Be sure to clean your mouth with a soft washcloth or toothbrush prior to wearing your dentures.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Transitioning to dentures is both a lifelong commitment as well as a lifestyle change. Here at North Ridge Dental, our Raleigh denture providers will discuss the pros and cons of denture therapy as it relates to other options you may qualify for. Together, we’ll work as a team to provide you with a comfortable and attractive prosthesis that you’ll feel proud to show off each day.

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